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What nature taught us this summer

. 2 min read .
  • Theres beauty in imperfection. Wabi-sabi.
  • The most beautiful things are all simple.
  • Technology exists to enable us to coexist with nature; not fight it.
  • Humans are obsessed with accumulating shit. No other species has that hording mentality.
  • Nature is infinetely more powerful than we are. If it wants ot fuck you up. It can do so in one second.
  • There is no machine we have built this far that can compete with the machine we call human body. If you think tech has outsmarted nature; you are a fool.
  • The most dangerous animal is the female mother.
  • Balance. A slight imbalance and an entire ecosystem can be flipped. It is all about systems and loops.
  • Open heart. Attention. Presence. if you dont pay attention every flower is a flower and every cloud is a cloud.
  • Being away from humans is what -counterintuitively- can bring back our humanity.