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Personal stories, learning experiments, side-projects & failing with style.

. adventure

5 months of unemployment. The most productive of my life.

4 months ago was my last day in the Nexmo office. Laptop handed in; check. Badge; check. Locker cleared; check. Exit velocity has been reached. A few slices of pizza later I landed home. It was day 1 of an experiment I called: productive unemployment. Today marks my 4th month

. product

Breaking into Product: What I wish I knew

A  guide of the DOs and DONT’s of landing a product role all the way from the application to the interview stage + a list of the top 50+ questions I got during my hunt.For the past 3 months, I have been focusing on one thing; landing a job

. adventure

30 lessons from 30 days in a branding strategy agency

I strongly believe brand is a huge part of a successful product so I was eager to dive right in and get the most out of my time at ZZdot in Athens in September of 2016. It was an amazing experiene and this is the best of what I learned

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Breaking into Product | My job hunt in numbers and graphs

For every success story you read out there, there are many many failures that never see the light of day. My ‘success’ only came after countless mistakes, wrong decisions and 64 rejections.Supplementary ListeningThe StoryMy journey would have been very different if it wasn’t for a single email I