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product shack

Product management, creativity, entrepreneurship & tech.

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The future of food delivery

Imagine a future in which the majority of the meals we consume are being delivered on-demand. A world in which cooking is considered a crafty artsy activity instead of a basic survival skill. Think of food being ordered in seconds, customized according to the eater's dietary requirements and preferences and

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Breaking into Product: What I wish I knew

A  guide of the DOs and DONT’s of landing a product role all the way from the application to the interview stage + a list of the top 50+ questions I got during my hunt.For the past 3 months, I have been focusing on one thing; landing a job

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‘Best Practices’ Are for MBAs. The Rest of Us Get to Work

Why ‘best practices’ alone don’t work and the importance of experience for learning when to apply them instead.A few weeks ago, I found myself in Chiswick laying on the grass at Turnham Green devouring a copy of DHH’s & Jason Fried’s ‘It doesn’t have to

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My first PM Principles.

Artwork by Pontus UllborsIt has not been long since I was bit by the product bug. Throughout my quest I have been collecting all the 💎s I came across. Here are my 40 favorites:💎 Empathy is absolutely essential in order to be successful in this field. 💎 Soft Skills >>

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Louis Vuitton & WeChat | Breaking the mold of innovation management

Any person passionate about doing creative work does so, knowingly or unknowingly, in order to satisfy primarily three needs: self-expression, self-enrichment and connection. Whether an illustrator, a chef, a graffiti artist, a developer or a copywriter; these craftsmen need work in which they have a degree of creative freedom through

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The 21st Century Non-Profit.

How we could radically transform ‘charity’ by leveraging digital technology, design-led product development and modern marketing techniques. The world we live in is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Many legacy companies are now being shaken by the incredible rate of change and the opportunities being unlocked every day. As a

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Dear Podcasting World P2| Ecosystem

Part 2 of our exploration into Podcasting where we zoom out to observe the ecosystem and explain how the existing big players like Spotify, Google, Apple are uniquely positioned to dominate the space.InPart 1 we went through 30+ insights compiled as a result of 9 in-depth interviews with podcast

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Dear Podcasting World

A mini research project of discovering insights, pain points and problems of podcast listeners today.Drowning in content on a barely floating boat.2019, the year of the podcasting BOOM. Everybody nowadays has a podcast, our ‘To Listen’ lists are filling faster than they are clearing up and the audio-space

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Breaking into Product | My job hunt in numbers and graphs

For every success story you read out there, there are many many failures that never see the light of day. My ‘success’ only came after countless mistakes, wrong decisions and 64 rejections.Supplementary ListeningThe StoryMy journey would have been very different if it wasn’t for a single email I