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eudaimonia. life. philosophy.

Good enough. My extraordinary life.

A good life is not a grand life of comfort, achievement and heights but a life of good enough. Good enough house, good enough work, good enough hobbies.

psychology. philosophy.

The 7 antidotes to jealousy

Jealousy and feelings of inferiority are born when one has something somebody else desires. A nice body, a nice camera, a nice job position etc. 5 years back, I used to get jealous often. 'That girl has a six-pack, I don't.' 'That dude has such a dope desktop setup

philosophy. eudaimonia. success.

Success is a mode of operation

Our society promotes a broken idea of success. Social media, magazines, Twitter, movies, the music industry, Hollywood all make us feel as if success is this sort of uphill pursuit of a happy ending (read: the American dream). Success is a point in time where we 'made it'. We are

business. design. life.

'Online' is not the future; and it will never be

We can throw as much tech as we want to our problems but the truth of the matter is that we are social animals that need physical human interaction. Tech, screens, the internet will never be the full answer to our deepest needs nor the complete solution to our problems.

philosophy. life.

My Manifesto | 2600 Years of Wisdom through 26 years of experience

I have been chasing shortcuts, hacks & secrets when I realised that most of the wisdom needed to live a good life has been there for centuries and can be distilled in 3500 words.