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Essays on all things fluffy; philosophy, behavioral science & psychology.

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11 Frameworks for Career Development

The T-Shaped Strategyby Tim Brown "One thing I’ve noticed is that people can be held back by a lack of skills outside of their area of expertise. Careers aren’t just about rocketing upwards. Expanding horizontally gives you a stronger foundation to pursue vertical growth. I would argue that

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Success is a mode of operation

Our society promotes a broken idea of success. Social media, magazines, Twitter, movies, the music industry, Hollywood all make us feel as if success is this sort of uphill pursuit of a happy ending (read: the American dream). Success is a point in time where we 'made it'. We are

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The secret to getting shit done is getting shit started.

You have the usual 'productivity advice': Pomodoro timers, turning notifications off and eliminating distractions. These help you stay focused on an activity. But I believe the hardest part of getting shit done (GSD) is not keeping focused but getting started! Here are the hacks that slowly conditioned me to get

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How to be assertive

Assertiveness is the quality of being self-assured and confident without being aggressive. The way I best understand it is: the art to be one’s true self without crossing any boundaries into other people’s freedoms. It is not a trait that we are born with but instead something we

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Getting in the Generalist Zone

I get a lot of funny looks from people when I talk about how I organize my life. During any given week, outside work, I might be wakeboarding, baking brownies, taking coding courses, working on blogs, trying out muay thai, working on software project ideas, taking online philosophy classes, bouldering

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'Online' is not the future; and it will never be

We can throw as much tech as we want to our problems but the truth of the matter is that we are social animals that need physical human interaction. Tech, screens, the internet will never be the full answer to our deepest needs nor the complete solution to our problems.


You don’t find passion, you create it.

We are all looking for our passion but most of us got the concept all wrong.You are NOT born with passionsWe are NOT born with passions. We are born with talents. We do NOT find our passions. We find our talents which can give us a hint as to


If Work Feels Comfortable, You Are Doing It Wrong

The personal growth machine and how you can supercharge it using the 3 growth levers.


The price to pay

Growth, creativity, autheniticity, ambition, curiosity, morality. Theres always a price to pay. The question is: do you think it is worth it?Jenny YuThe price of ever-ending personal growth.You keep reinventing yourself. After a point you end up being a Ferrari in a highway of Toyotas. You have no

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Consumption for the creator, is noble procrastination

Balancing consumption & creation is probably one of the biggest struggles for the creative curious individual. Curiosity drives us to read, learn and explore non-stop. Creativity pushes us to want to externalize all the thoughts, ideas, insights that result from those. They are both necessary parts of the same creative


Comfort is overrated.

How I discovered that what we truly seek is not a life of comfort but in fact quite the opposite: a life of meaningful discomfort.Supplementary ListeningOne of life’s biggest traps is the fact that the best rewards come as second order effects of what is perceived as a

creativity. life. learning.

Shuhari | The Gateway to flow & creativity

How the journey of mastering one’s craft is the path that leads to some of life’s biggest pleasures: flow & creative output.