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The secret to getting shit done is getting shit started.

You have the usual 'productivity advice': Pomodoro timers, turning notifications off and eliminating distractions. These help you stay focused on an activity. But I believe the hardest part of getting shit done (GSD) is not keeping focused but getting started! Here are the hacks that slowly conditioned me to get

product. management. creativity.

Louis Vuitton | Breaking the mould of innovation management

Any person passionate about doing creative work does so, knowingly or unknowingly, in order to satisfy primarily three needs: self-expression, self-enrichment and connection. Whether an illustrator, a chef, a graffiti artist, a developer or a copywriter; these craftsmen need work in which they have a degree of creative freedom through

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Consumption for the creator, is noble procrastination

Balancing consumption & creation is probably one of the biggest struggles for the creative curious individual. Curiosity drives us to read, learn and explore non-stop. Creativity pushes us to want to externalize all the thoughts, ideas, insights that result from those. They are both necessary parts of the same creative

creativity. life. learning.

Shuhari | The Gateway to flow & creativity

How the journey of mastering one’s craft is the path that leads to some of life’s biggest pleasures: flow & creative output.

creativity. life.

Supercharge your creativity: remix

An exploration of innovation & creativity illustrated through food.


Supercharge your creativity: how to remix

A practical guide explaining the techniques, habits and tips on one of the most powerful ideas in the field of creativity: remixing. From the consumption to the creation phase.