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hey you!

I'm stoked you are here. 4 things:

I write about digital product development.
I am an Aerospace Engineer turned Product Manager. I work with engineers, designers and other craftsmen to create software products.
Currently a PM with GRAB Food, meanwhile I am working with some awesome people on some passion products: foodtrucker, goji press and ikigai.

Super passionate about education & learning.
Education is not about homework, classrooms and dread but about exploration, play and growth.  If there is one solution to all problems humans phase today, it is education.

I think a lot about the 'good life'.
Psychology, behavioural economics and philosophy are at this question's core. Philosophy is usually perceived as intellectual snobbery but I think a study of philosophy and all subjects labeled as 'fluffy' is what we most need today.

Weirdo in every sense of the word.
Some other random subjects I write about: ethical capitalism, bodybuilding, the greek ethos, the slow movement, branding.

If you are into any of these, let's be Twitter buddies or you could drop your email below for a monthly best-of dispatch.