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I write about product management and tech in Asia.
I am an Aerospace Engineer turned Product Manager. I work with engineers, designers and other craftsmen to create software products. I do that as part of my job at GRAB Food and after-hours working on Foodtrucker and...
Software Asian tech product dev

Life in Singapore. Adventures around Asia. Tech scene.

I think a lot about the 'good life'.
Psychology, behavioural economics and philosophy are at this question's core. Philosophy is usually perceived as intellectual snobbery but this couldn't have been further from the truth. I think a study of philosophy and all subjects labeled as 'fluffy' is what we most need today. Wellness

Super passionate about education & learning.
Education is not about homework, classrooms and dread but about exploration, play and growth.  If there is one solution to all problems humans phase today, that is it.

Weirdo in every sense of the word.
Some subjects that I write about that are a big part of my identity: ethical capitalism, bodybuilding, the greek ethos, the slow movement, the outdoors, branding, gastronomy, software, venue concepts, experience-first product dev, community building  & extreme sports.

motorcycle, greek philosophy, parachute, board, noodles, weights, laptop screen, leaning


Remixing life stories x usefulness.
Entertainment x Learning x Inspiration.

I want to try to bring back the magic that 'blogs' originally had by putting out stories that feel personal, told from my perspective, in an authentic unapologetic voice while throwing in a good dose of usefulness in the form of thoughts, insights and facts from all kinds of places like lit, biz & tech.

I am not aiming to be a lifestyle blogger, nor a travel blogger, a sophist or any sort of guru or expert. I hope to put out content that is a reflection of my inner world. A place way too complex and weird to have a single label.

ping me =)

Advice on breaking into Product Management and Tech.
Help you with how to go about setting up and building your a software project that is your passion.
Collab on a project that has something to do with the specific interests above.
If you are part of my tribe or you know somebody that I should meet.
You are around Singapore and wanna have a coffee.