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Woah how did you make it here? Great to have you!

Maria here. Born in Cyprus. Aerospace Engineer by trade. Abandoned it due to a love affair with tech and an ever-evolving love with Product Management.
Worked as a PM for 5 years on fintech, blockchain, communication, SDK and marketplace products in London, Berlin and Singapore.
I am currently nomading around the world with my buddies while working on software projects and ventures full-time, powered by BTC.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

I consider myself extremely priviledged and lucky.
My hope is that through my work I will be able to give back to the world x1000 what I was given through entrepreneurship (building tech products) in the education space.

If you are interested in product management/entrepreneurship, education & learning, marketing, design and philosophy, I think we would be great buddies!
If you also like bubble tea, board sports and the great outdoors we would be the best buddies!

✖︎ Let's connect on Twitter @productnerd
✖︎ You are always welcome to my internet home:
There's good tea, house music and plenty of sun

writing about.

✖︎ Philosophy, Good life & Generalist life
✖︎ Product Management & Micro-ventures
✖︎ Future of Education & Learning
✖︎ Stories and Adventures

writing rules.

✖︎ No pop culture but counter culture. If it is not novel in some way, if it doesn't surprise or provoke, it is not getting published. There is enough noise already.
✖︎Laconic. No fluff.

problems I care about.

✖︎ Rethinking learning and education for young adults & adults
✖︎ Make learning the coolest activity
✖︎ Make generalists badass
✖︎ Make philosophy cool
✖︎ Push people to author their versions of a good life
✖︎ Find the others

core principles.

✖︎ Greek Ethos: Eudaimonia, philotimo, meraki
✖︎ Generalist Life
✖︎ Balance. Virtue Theory
✖︎ The Slow Movement / Quiet Life
✖︎ Ethical Capitalism & Social Entrepreneurship