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✖︎BELIEVE IN | Ideas I try to live by.

  • Ethical Capitalism
  • The Slow Movement / Quiet Life
  • Monastic Creative Life
  • Balance; Virtue Theory
  • Entrepreneurial Philanthropy
  • Greek Ethos: Eudaimonia, philotimo, meraki
  • Essentialism
  • Living close to nature

✖︎CARE ABOUT | Problems I am most passionate about solving.

  • Make learning the coolest activity
  • Teach people life skills, not just job skills
  • Make generalists cool
  • Make philosophy cool
  • Push people to self-author their versions of a good life
  • Bring more young people in touch with tech's possibilities
  • Share with the world the disappearing greek ethos
  • Find the others

✖︎TOPICS | Stuff I write about.

✖︎LOVE | Non-work bliss.

  • Good food
  • Branding
  • Bodybuilding, freediving, skydiving, wakeboarding
  • Vinyl Designer Toys

If you are into any of these, please do reach out on Twitter!