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stories & adventures

An ironic ode to the 'mediocre' life.

stories & adventures.

How I invest 40% of my salary. What, when and where I buy.

A getting started guide of how to start investing in index funds, stocks and cryptocurrencies. Which platforms to signup for and recommendations for what products to buy and a portfolio allocation strategy.

stories & adventures.

Dubai | Gluten Free Food Guide

Our favorite gluten-free friendly restaurants, cafes and bakeries we have discovered in Dubai.

stories & adventures.

Bouldering | Planners and doers

The other day I went for my usual weekly bouldering session. Geared up, stretched and stepped on the mat. Music on, world off. Before I start on every root, I take a step back to study the route. But then you have these guys that glance at the route and

stories & adventures.

What nature taught us this summer

Theres beauty in imperfection. Wabi-sabi.The most beautiful things are all simple.Technology exists to enable us to coexist with nature; not fight it.Humans are obsessed with accumulating shit. No other species has that hording mentality.Nature is infinetely more powerful than we are. If it wants ot fuck

stories & adventures.

Mini-retirement Experiment | 4 months unemployed

My last day in the Nexmo office. Laptop handed in; check. Badge; check. Locker cleared; check. Exit velocity has been reached. A few slices of pizza later I landed home. It was day 1 of an experiment I called: productive unemployment. The planInstead of jumping onto the next gig right