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eudaimonia / life / philosophy / success

Good enough. My extraordinary life.

. 5 min read .

I don't need a lot of money.
I want what money can buy me. When I have enough of that, I have enough money. And it is not much.
That is enough.

I don't need a successful career.
I don't want to climb up any ladder. I don't want to be a CEO. I don't want to have 10s and 100s of employees. I don't want to dominate any market or conquer any vertical.
I just want to do work I love with people I trust and make just enough money to sustain a happy existence.
That is enough.

I don't want to work hard.
I want an empty calendar. I don't want great responsibility. I want to wake up without an alarm every day and have a slow morning with a book and a cup of tea. I want to watch the sunset every day in silence, thanking whatever higher power has given me the priviledge to enjoy yet another day.
That is enough.

I don't want people to see a successful person.
I want them to see a happy person. I wan to represent possibilities. I want to plant seeds of goodness in people's minds.
That is enough.

I don't need to change the world.
I don't want to transform any industry. I don't want to be a thought leader.
I want every life I touch to make it a bit better. I want to spread positivity and kindness. I want to lead by example. I want to give without any expectation of taking. I want to give back to the world x100 what I was given - and I was given infinitely more than most-. I want to change the world but not by sacrificing mine. I will do my part but I am not here to be remembered or leave any legacy behind me. Me, you and all of us will be wiped in the infinity of time. I care more about changing my family and my community first and the rest can come later.
That is enough.

I don't need status.
I don't want 1000s of followers. I don't want a newsletter, sponsorships, subscribers, likes. I don't want awards. I don't want fame. I don't wanna be an expert, a travel blogger, a guru, a 30 under 30.
I want to be missed by my people ones if I was to be gone.
That is enough.

I don't want to be super knowledgeable nor an expert. I don't want credentials and degrees.
I just want to freely follow my curiosity to wherever it takes me.
That is enough.

I don't need a Range Rove, a Ferrari or a Tesla.
I want a scrappy electric vehicle or a scooter that will take me from A to B.
That is enough.

I don't need lavish food and 4$ artisan coffee.
I want simple deslighious homecooked healthy food. I want street food and small joints. I want a french press and some ground coffee.
That is enough.

I don't care about being in style.
I don't want Rolexes or cool bags and sneakers.
5 black t-shirts, 5 white tshirts, 2-3 paris of pants, 2-3 pairs of shorts, 5-6 pairs of shoes, a few jackets and a few hoodies.
That is enough.

I don't want a penthouse nor a big house with a pool and a view.
I want a small modest house outside the city. 3 bedrooms, a cozy living room with a bit library and a kitchen to cook in. I want a garage for all our crafts and a big ass yard to grow herbs and veggies. I want to open my window and listen nothing but the sound of the wind and the birds.
That is enough.

I don't want 5* hotel stays and breakfast buffets.
I want a rental car and 1$ soft serve from mcdonalds drive through. I want cabins in the woods and day long hikes.
That is enough.

I don't want a trophy wife.
I want to open my eyes every morning and close them opposite my human. My partner in crime. I want her smile to be my highest priority and our family to be above everything else.
That is enough.

I don't want high achieving well behaved kids. I don't want them to grow up to make them proud because of their achievements but because of the wonderful humans they are.
I want a house full of love, kindness and mischief.
That is enough.

I don't want 100s of friends and crazy parties. I don't want yaucht cruises and lavish dinners.
I want 1-2 handfuls of good deep friends.
That is enough.

I don't want to run an Ironman, nor to become a yoga instructor.
I just want to be fit enough feel energetic and healthy. I want to have my lifting sessions weekly. I want to snowboard in the winter and wakeboard, skydive and kitesurf in the summer.
That is enough.

I bet most of us deep enough want the same.

I bet most of us are overshooting in one or many of these dimensions thinking that more will fill us up. More status, more prestigious career, more possessions, more comfort, more friends, more credentials.
More of anything means less of everything else.

The only way to fill up - i believe- is to have found enough in each dimension. To have found enough is to have put a cap so that we have the time, energy and money to pursuit the rest of the dimensions that make a fulfilled healthy adult.

A few good friends, a few hobbies, modest work we love, good conscience, a beautiful family, a cosy house.

Only then, we can find balance.

The good life is not necessarily a life of simplicity, essentialism but a life of enough.

The good life is the free life.

And the free life is one in which we are able to set our own rules and boundaries. Within those boundaries we find peace and serenity and not in the pursuit of more.

Most people will forever be chasing, competing, not only playing but competing games society and capitalism taught us to pay until our grave.

Few people have enough. Few people are content.

I imagine them them sitting around a fire outside with 2-3 of their buddies, smiley, sipping cheap wine while waiting for the food to get ready, kids inside playing board games, no worries on their mind.

I want an extraordinary life.

Extraordinary not because I one-uped everybody but because I played my own game. One nobody else is playing. The one I set the rules, the priorities, the good enough. An extraordinary life by virtue of my uniqueness and my willingness to do what I wanted, not what everybody else wanted me to do.

Extraordinary because I was one of the few that dared to live, not perform.

I want an extraordinary life.

Extraordinary because I am one of the few lucky ones who have enough.