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creativity / life

Consumption for the creator, is noble procrastination

. 1 min read .

Balancing consumption & creation is probably one of the biggest struggles for the creative curious individual.

Curiosity drives us to read, learn and explore non-stop.
Creativity pushes us to want to externalize all the thoughts, ideas, insights that result from those.

They are both necessary parts of the same creative process. Curiosity is what feeds creativity.

Yet the abundance of interesting articles, newsletters, podcasts, documentaries, courses, activities is making this balance of creation & consumption shift towards the later.

Too much consumption though, irrespective of its quality, becomes distraction; a noble version of procrastination.

Capitalism adds fuel to the fire since without consumption there is nobody to serve ads to.

In a system that is rigged towards consumption, curious creatives nowadays have no option but to cultivate the discipline to draw a line where they need to stop consuming all the amazing content out there and start creating.

And it is a very very hard thing to do…